Monday, May 4, 2009

Kitten In A Basket

Nothing is cuter than a kitten in a basket. Well to me at least. Here's Persiphone but we really don't use that name. We still call her kitten. Maybe when she's older it will stick but for right now she's kitten.
You'll probably notice that her belly is shaved. She was fixed 3 weeks ago and was fine at first. She had complications and we don't know exactly why. Her stitches healed but her belly swelled up where the stitches were. She had a fever and wasn't eating, unless you put canned food on her finger and fed her that way. She had her stitches removed early and went on antibiotics. She's doing great now. I was worried because she lost a lot of weight. When you only weigh a little over 6 pounds you can't shed a lot.
At work our whole way of doing things in the one department has changed. We are mirroring the way another store does their work load. Which is fine but the responsibility of signs for the weekend is put all on me. I'm a mover, shaker and I don't not enjoy being cooped up in a cold office where the cold air return is. Plus our computers are one step above the 1st computers ever invented. Seriously remember or can you remember the first computers made? They were big bulky and had black screens and the green letters for typing things in? That's are how ours are but a step or 2 above because we don't have to c/: to do anything. We have menus to pick numbers and can flip through their.
My one boss has been asked to quit her other job so she can work till midnights on Saturdays and they are giving her 48 hours a week so she is making up for that lost money. All this sounds great but she's still partying 3 nights a week like a rock star. I'm sure she's drinking and driving. I thought she had only one incident with hard core drugs but now it seems like it happens more often than she wants to admit. Plus one of her good friends put her drug stash in my bosses purse.
I've tried telling her that this person is not a friend but she keeps pointing out her good qualities.
I honestly hope she gets arrested. Seriously, I think it's the wake up call she needs or has a brush with the police. I've tried telling her that some people are no good, evil, etc... That they are selfish and only look out for themselves. It falls on deaf ears.
Looking back at my life I shouldn't be surprised that she's like this. It took a friend 2 years to realize he was messing up his life. A trip to the psyche ward was his first scare and he hated his family and thought his father was his savior for bailing him out. After living with his even more psycho girl friend he realized how low people can go and he didn't want craziness to define his life.
On the positive side I am working on the dress squares. I have 5 tiers done. I'm going to be ironing today to see how many more I can add on. I thought I would need like 570 squares, I maybe need more than that! Yikes!!!

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emma said...

No, nothing is cuter than a kitten in a basket. Well, maybe one's own baby in a basket.
Be careful at work that none of the fall-out from your co-workers behavior gets on you. When the sh*t hits the fan, you want to make sure you are protected.
Just FYI.