Monday, April 6, 2009

More Baby Gifts

So tomorrow is the day I drop off the baby gifts and I'm still working on a knit woolie by Curly Purly. They knit up fast I just made a booboo with the pattern. It's what happens when you are tired and trying to read patterns and can't remember what you just read.
So I decided to put an N on the woolie so they'd know what size it was. I'm working on a small right now and tired parents don't always pay attention to details. The bib is just like the yellow bib below except double the size and I added a pocket to catch food. So it becomes a toddler bib. I will never knit a bib again. They take way to much time and patience and right now, I need fast projects to get everything done I want to.

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Bree said...

Happy (really, really, really) late birthday!!!

Hope it was great.