Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Layout for house

Layout for house
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Remember I said a long, long, long time ago we were remodeling? Well here is the layout to just our 1st floor. It doesn't have everything in it. Like the office has a closet in it, right in the upper corner because that was the old apartment's bedroom. Also this is the new design, so some of the walls aren't in the right place. My husband didn't include any windows, I don't know why. He's also missing the old kitchen's back door now that I look closer. Where off of that there is a very small enclosed porch.
If you can't read the writing here's the low down. The old kitchen, the blue area will be split into a laundry room and bathroom. Those are the wall that will be in place when he's done
The basement stairs which is the wall between the old kitchen and new kitchen pantry will be moved to the white area, under the stairs that go to the 2nd floor.
The green section will be our new kitchen with an alcove sitting area. There are windows on all 3 sides and we can see our driveway. We get enough wild life that it will be enjoyable. Also can keep an eye on the road. The fridge may be going into the pantry and there will be a full pull out shelving unit that will block the fridge when opened but when closed won't. That's where the basement stairs are now. We couldn't figure out any other place to put the fridge and pantry so they may move again. The kitchen gets an island and 2 stoves. That's what my husband has been working on lately. Ripping the plaster down, electric and putting in short walls to house the stoves.
The red area is our library, which has a woodstove in it already. There will be a back door for the wood some day. Hopefully a deck too, that the wood can sit on.
The foyer, we aren't sure what's going on there. Maybe a closet but not sure where or how.
Dining room and office not much will happen to them. The opening you are looking at between the two rooms is bigger than what's there right now.
We arrived back from Falling Water last night. Well or should I say this morning because it was 1am. It was really cool. I'm not a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright but I can appreciate his incorporating nature into his designs. Of course the last hour maybe half hour it poured! There were small rivers everywhere! Thankfully I wore my sandals. We did go the the point where you see the house and the waterfall. It was worth it. The dirty water flowing down matches the house exactly! Seriously, I wonder if that is why he made it that off color.
Unfortunately they do not allow any public posting of photos!!! Which sucks because it would want me to go visit some place more seeing photos. So I don't know what I'm going to do. I would love to show them off but ...
On totally off topic news, my husband won a design contest! For a beer label. It's big unveiling is in August but he will be away for it. So he wins bragging rights. Which makes him happy. It's from a local brewery and I'll give you more details when I know more!

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