Sunday, June 7, 2009

Heat Plus Kitten Equals Misery

Kitten Lion
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It occurred to me when we had our 1st heat wave that the kitten would be miserable. It was 75 mild and humidity and she was lying on the floor stretched from toe to toe like she was stuck in the Sahara. If she was acting like that and it wasn't officially hot, how would she be when the weather did turn to the unbearable.
So we talked to some people who groom their dogs if it's possible to shear a cat. We came to the conclusion that it was depending upon her temperament. Since she's been with 2 children, one dog and 2 other cats we would give it a try. If she didn't like it we would not go through with it.
After all that worrying, she was fine with it. Her fur was sooooo thick that when we were done, it was like there was another kitten on the table. It did take longer than we had anticipated so we left her with the lioness look. She's a lot happier now. Her fur grows slow (we found this out when we got her fixed) so by the time the cool weather comes, she'll have a full fur coat to keep her warm.
Here's Luna checking out her new look. Smells like kitten, licks like kitten, yep it's a kitten!

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emma said...

I've never known anyone to do that! The kitty didn't complain? Anazing!