Wednesday, April 8, 2009


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About a week ago we had beautiful spring time weather. Now the frozen spring flowers are all that we have here. Everyday I take the dog out in the morning and he sniffs at these poor little crocus's. I'm surprised he hasn't tried to eat them yet.
So it's April and that means tomorrow is my birthday. I've decided I'm definitely not counting how old I am. I'm just going to add, which means I'm eight this year! Woohoo. If you have no clue what I'm talking about here's where you need to go.
I finally delivered the baby gifts yesterday and they are well loved. Plus I found out no one has given her any cloth diapers yet. She's having another shower so she's hoping to get some then. I will finish using up all my yarn and make at least 3 more newborn ones.
In September my youngest will be heading out for a half day of kindergarden and I will get a chance to work days. There is a before school program that I can sign the girls up for so I can work a 4 hour shift. I've let all my bosses know (yes I have 3 bosses now) that this is what is going on. I really want to stop doing 8 hours on Sundays. Plus the 2am or 4am ending shifts are not fun at all. It takes a toll on me on Monday's, Tuesday's and sometimes Wednesday's. So is the working the 32 hours a week but I think if my sleep schedule was the same almost all the time, I could deal with it better.
So the change is in the air and I'm definitely looking forward to it. Another positive note, I will have paid off my last credit card this month! So excited. Of course the car needs new tires and the kitten needs to get fixed but that frees up a large sum of money. Next to conquer is helping my husband with business debt. Plus the building next to us is going to be for sale next year. It would open up a lot of teaching opportunities for my husband. He will be able to do week long classes if people are interested in the summer.


Laurie said...

Happy 26? 35? 44?th Birthday!!

I'll be 13(hah) this month.


emma said...

I missed your birthday! That's what I get for having a life and not checking blogs for a couple days.
I hope you had a happy one!

Dawn Elizableth said...

Thanks to both of you! It's okay, we all can't by on the internet all the time! My birthday was great. I spent it with my brother & his wife. We had a very relaxing evening!

Anonymous said...

Oh I simply adore purple crocuses!
Congrats on paying off your credit card!! :)