Friday, April 17, 2009

Look What I Bought

I know I've been slow in blogging but I think about it all the time. This week I've been sick. Seriously winter is almost over and I end up with a fever on Saturday/Sunday. Now I'm still congested and losing my voice! Yeah, plus my oldest is off from school and I can't yell when she's terrorizing her sister. Ugh. Today I'm finally feeling like I may recover sometime soon. Woot!
I did buy fabric for the girls to make some summer clothes. The fabric on the right will be shorts. If I ordered properly I may be able to use all 3 to make a top like I saw in Garnet Hill. The Crisscross Camisole for those interested. The link may not work but I will post a picture at a later date.
I'm thinking the sea horse fabric (bottom left) for the top and the shorts fabric for the tie. Leaving the mermaids for the bottom of the camisole. Of course this is all in my head. I still have to figure out a pattern.
I need like 2 weeks off from work to work on this and the dress for my youngest. I know you are think what dress. Here is my inspiration! I just love it! Have a great weekend!

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emma said...

Hey! I have all those fabrics!
I saw them and just had to have them, even though I have NO idea what to do with them. I just keep adding complementary patterns assuming that some day I will be inspired.