Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quilted Rug

Quilted Rug
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Here's my kitchen rug. Nothing super fancy and really put together as quick as I could. It has a polar fleece blanket for the back. It's kind of why it doesn't fit a rectangle properly. The blanket had rounded corners.
It's sqooshy and that's what I wanted. Plus it's in the kitchen getting wet and easily dirty.
Other things I've been up to is making handmade deodarant. I took angry chicken's recipe (link later, I have to work in 15 minutes) modified it a little bit. I'm going to modify it more because I substituted 1 TBLS shea butter for 1 TBLS coconut oil and they have different melting temperatures. So it's super melty in parts and where the shea butter is not so melty in the beginning. I love the scents though and my oldest got to pick her own. Right now I'm using Rosewood and I can't remember the other scent I made. Maybe sandalwood. I also add tea tree oil because it's anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal. I haven't had any problems when I sweat. Thank goodness. Always disliked when my deodarant failed and I was out working or in public!

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emma said...

I'm so impressed with your circles! I love circles on a quilt but have never been able to make them work. They totally intimidate me. What a nice idea for a cold kitchen floor!