Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things That Are Finished!

I made these super cute wrap shorts for my girls, unfortunately I couldn't locate my youngest pair to get them both in this shot. My oldest at first hated them! Once she worn them in this bloody hot weather she decided she loves them. Kids!!! They are Blue Prints or Indie Tutes, it says two different things on her blog page. She's my favorite person to check for new ideas and patterns that can easily be figured out. She does an excellent job. I did find this pattern a little hard to follow because I think she used two fabrics together. The material is the vintage hawaiian print my uncle gave me.
I also made this hat for a friend of mine who's son is now almost 3 months old! Yikes where does time go. I'm going over to her house today to try it on and make the 2nd tie. It was super easy to make! I used cotton so its nice and stretchy!
We also got our Drake back from hunt school training and he is anorexic! My SIL thinks he may have a digestion problem since he wasn't like this before but he was doing 10 miles a day of pacing in his pen. Before he went swimming and retrieving. He's going to the vet today. He's been on super calorie dog food. The stuff they feed to sled dogs when they are in training for the race! He inhales his food and he's been eating 3 times a day plus an egg to bulk him up.
I'm still running and trying to figure out when we will get running in when school starts. I was really hoping this year to work 4 hours in the morning before I had to pick up my youngest from school. Unfortunately we've run into a little problem and I won't know until Thursday if I can even do it. Since we don't live in the district where the girls go to school, we were told that they could not take a bus from the Boys & Girls Club before school program to get to school when it was time. Over the summer the Elementary school was remodeled and they were starting a program over there as well. I thought I could drop my oldest off at the club and the youngest off at the elementary school program.
Now they have moved all the kids to the elementary school program and will bus the kids going to the middle school when it's time for them to start. Since my oldest will have to be bussed I don't think she can participate since we were told for insurance reasons she can't ride. Which is kind ridiculous since she rides the district buses for school events! They won't allow her to walk since it's 3/4 of a mile away. Which I find that hard to believe since the school is 3 maybe for 4 blocks away eachother.
I really want to be home for dinner with the girls and my husband as well. I did the calculations for the months ahead and I need to work at least 24 hours a week. 32 would be awesome, so regardless I will be going to work 5 days a week. I'm hoping next year I can whittle it down to 4 days of work. Not much creating is happening around here! Hopefully with the girls in school and Tues plus Weds off I can catch up on things!!!

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