Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So In Love With

Tank Top
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I am sooooo in love with this tank top! I don't know if it's the patterns that work for me. Or the fact that I completed it in one day! I was originally going for a top with short sleeves but as this started to be pieced together. I changed my mind! I was going to post this with out a model but once she realized she wouldn't be in the picture, she had to put it on! Kids, too silly!
I actually bought myself something today! I showed this skirt from Anthropologie to my husband and he pretty much told me I had to get it! Now that's what I like to hear! It will be perfect for the Arts & Crafts show we do in February. Gingko's are a huge A&C motif and it's the perfect place to wear it! I ordered 2 tops too and hope one of them works with the skirt. Keeping my fingers crossed. I always ended up buying skirts but never tops. Then I never wear the skirt because I do not have a top that works with it. I think this skirt needs like a yellow, or an off white shirt to work. I'll find out when the package gets here!


emma said...

It's cute but how about for yourself?

Dawn Elizableth said...

Well it may seem like I know what I'm doing but I really don't. So that's why I need to experiment with them. Plus I'm curvy and need to add curves, hide things and you know!

the tumtum tree said...

Oh it looks adorable! Doesn't it feel great to sew something in one day? I love the fabrics you used together. I always struggle with choosing complimenting fabrics for the dresses I sew my daughters.

Dawn Elizableth said...

Thanks for the sweet comments. I really lucked into the fabrics working out. I picked them out under poor lighting the night before. Sometimes I think there's magic involved when things work out so perfectly. Also I wanted a light and dark theme. That always seems to work for me when choosing!