Monday, June 16, 2008

Odd Weekend

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This was one of the hardest weekends I have ever worked. I was going to tell you all about it but why spread the misery, right! The good things are, I slept before I worked on Sunday, it was only 2 hours but hey now I know what my alarm sounds like when it goes off. Plus it is loud enough to wake me up. Also I brought home lots of paper that would have been thrown in the trash for my girls to draw on. I know people say art is very important for children to be creative, well it's not a problem at our house.
In 2 weeks my husband has a local show and a friend of ours who does the show is going to be bringing me several rubbermaid totes full of fabric! I'm totally psyched! His summer is already lining up to be very busy. He has 2 commissions to do this summer. Also 2 classes he is going to be teaching and a guy wants to do 2 days worth of private lessons! Is that enough two's for you?
I also finally figured out what is going to happen for our anniversary! This is where we are going and my husband promises not to click the link! If you click here and look in the middle column, the 2nd thing down, that's what we are doing. Unfortunately he signed up for a class on our anniversary weekend, so it's happening the weekend after.
Well I have sewing and housework to do. OH freaking joy!

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Anonymous said...

Happy housework and sewing!! Just whistle while you work!! :)