Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Holy Patch Work Batman!

Patchwork Shorts
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I think these shorts came out great!  Since it was like putting puzzles pieces together with no picture to look at. These have yet to be worn but the weather is a lot cooler today, thank goodness! I should mention I have been using Amanda Soule's idea from her book The Creative Family which tells of an easy way to make shorts and pants without a pattern. I really did like her book and made the pencil case holder from there too for a birthday party my daughter went to. 
So I received my package from Anthropologie and I'm highly disappointed in their customer service! I didn't receive the skirt!! Which is the only reason I placed the order. I've tried e-mailing them and it's been 3 days and no response. I've checked the status of the item and it doesn't say anywhere, when it's coming in.
Having to deal with my husband's customers, I am a big stickler for good customer service. I hate having them call and ask "When am I getting my order". In his defense, everything is handmade, from a one man studio and it's a part time studio. We try to guess when things will be done but you never know if there will be a kink in the system. Something doesn't come out perfect and he's a stickler for perfection. If it's a custom item you always short yourself on how long it will take you to make the first one.  Or sometimes the copper we get is not good quality and we have to sand out big scratches in the sheets or pipes.  I would think with Anthropologie being a  bigger company, they would have a least a better handle on what the status of an item was.  
Can anyone recommend cool and unique clothing sites they like to buy from?  I maybe looking for someplace new to shop.

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