Thursday, June 5, 2008

Busy Friday

Gardener Snake
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Like our gardener snake? It doesn't live in our gardens but in the Chinese Lanterns and rocks next to our steps. The chickens won't find it, hopefully. They'll be gone soon. I'm really hoping they will be!
I had a very nice day yesterday.  Having lunch with my aunt. Then walking around the town waiting for my daughter to get out of school. The day started off comfortable but as time went on it got humid. We even stopped in to visit my neighbor and I made a purchase to buy materials to make a purse for myself. I'll have pictures when it's done.
Of course I was kicking myself last night for not buying this awesome material that was a batik, tie dye sort of thing. It was purple, blue, and white. I should have bought it to show it off or make a shirt for myself out of it! It was that awesome! Alas!
I'm teaching 1st and 2nd graders how to make dolls tomorrow. It's supposed to be fairies but there's going to be boys and boys will want to make pirates. So I'm working on bending the figures today, getting my materials together and making patterns for the kids to destroy. Hopefully it will go smoothly, I think there's only 40 minutes and it takes a while to make. At least for me but I decorate the crap out of them!
Then Saturday is my friend's wedding! I will miss the ceremony  (I have to work 4 hours) but will make the reception. Plus it's going to bloody hot and I have a dress that I've had for 5-7 years in my closet that will work perfectly! Let's hope they don't have the AC on and set to freeze, I maybe in trouble!


emma said...

Love the snake! I don;t understand when people are grossed out by them. Okay, maybe pythons or rattlesnakes or something.
All this sewing your doing - you are inspiring me! Hopefully I'll have something to show soon.

Dawn Elizableth said...

Oh good, I started a flickr group for quilt scrap clothes if you would like to post pictures there too! Can't wait to see what you created!