Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I don't even know what to call this post because I spent almost all day yesterday helping my mother and her fiancee move.  I have never packed so many kitchen things in my life!  Everything should have been out on Monday but they ran out of boxes.  So when the movers were done they went to the new house to unpack to get more boxes.  
With all moves nothing goes completely without problems.  The house was finished being built a month early.  Except with all this rain they could only pour half the driveway and haven't graded the yard yet.  I sympathize with the movers because the yard was dangerous!  Plus it had huge mud puddles.  It rained for 4 days and then stopped on Sunday.  So the movers had to step way up to get onto the driveway.  The other half of the driveway and part of the sidewalk was poured yesterday.  So we had to walk all the way around to get everything into the house.  My husband and my 2 daughters ended up in mud puddles!  But my daughters and husband did an awesome job helping out!
I know my mother and her fiancee were hurting from running around and doing more than they should have.  They were walking around like they were 100 years old.  It was seriously funny.  Hopefully today they can just clean the house and then relax.  At least the better because I know even after the chiropractor told them to take it easy... they were still doing too much!  Parents they never listen!  
So today is catch up day for all my house chores that didn't get done.  Thankfully I'm feeling better today than I did yesterday.  Sleep does wonders for a sore body!  Well and I took a lot of cod liver oil and that always seems to help when I ache.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man! Sounds like you have been working hard! I hope your aches leave soon, and that you can do your household chores today with leasure. And the weekend is almost here! ;)