Monday, June 23, 2008


Mystery Tree
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People without kids don't realize (at least I didn't) what huge accomplishment a simple daily task is. My youngest was potty trained by the time she was 2 1/2 years old. Beating her sister by almost 2 years. Just because a child is using a potty doesn't mean they can get the toilet paper thing down. This weekend my daughter wiped her own tush. Which I'm sure if you aren't a mother you're asking yourself why is this a big deal?
Well because proportionately kids aren't meant to do things like that until their limbs grow to fit their bodies. I really think it's because I'm not home on weekends and well Daddy's just aren't like Mommies. So lucky daddy.
Today I went to my daughter's school for a writing project show off. It's really cool to see all her projects she's been working on. I was super impressed with her writing too. It was almost like she wasn't a ten year old writing her stories. I'm really proud of her.
I received my skirt from Anthropologie the other day. It's super cute but I'm still searching for a shirt to go with it. The ones I bought look terrible, so they are going back! I also received my moth traps and put them all over house. Hopefully tonight I will catch a lot of moths!
This weekend, is the weekend my husband does a local show. I'm hopefully going to be taking pictures and doing bios on my favorite artist. So expect that coming up in the next few weeks.
I also have a pair of these sneakers coming from Vivo Barefoot. I'm not fond of wearing white shoes but they are for work. My feet hurt so bad this weekend I could barely walk on Sunday. The shoes I have, I do love but they just aren't flexible enough for the job. I go from squatting to standing, to squatting for 15 minutes at a time. So my feet started off wearing the shoes this weekend but by the time the my weekend shifts were over, the shoes were wearing me. I'm not happy about the price but these have gotten rave reviews and the popular styles are sold out. So it will be worth it!


Anonymous said...

Great post! And I'd love to see the skirt!! ;)

emma said...

I have kids so I know - wiping the tush is a big deal! In fact, I still have one kid who has trouble with that. sigh. I suppose she'll figure it out before she goes off to college (cross your fingers).

Grosgrain Kathleen said...

I'd love to see the skirt too. Maybe someone might have a good suggestion to go with it. My daughter wasn't potty trained until 3 just at the same time my youngest was born. Sooo, no break as of yet:)

Dawn Elizableth said...

I will definitely post the skirt, when my husband is home. I think it needs to be washed because it hangs like it's been stuffed into a small box. Which it was when I opened it up.
Well now that mom is home the tush wiping is a thing of the past! OH well, soon, I guess.