Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm addicted

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Guess what I've been doing since I blogged last?! Watching America's Next Top model. I've watched all of season one and loved Elyse. Who didn't win but went on to becoming a big fashion model. Bigger than Adrianne who won the first season. I'm watching season 2 right now and love Shandi. I know Yoanna wins, I cheated and looked to see who won on wiki. I do not like to wait but find it more enjoyable knowing who won. I find myself trying to see if the judges made the right choice. Did I mention I think youtube rocks!!!
I've been having a huge slug and snail problem in my newest garden bed. Yesterday I put dryer lint around my plants and today I picked 40 yucky slugs off my poor plants. It was seriously nasty and gross. The only thing that gets slug slime off is washing your hands with salt. It still takes a lot of salt though. A few other things I can try is crushed egg shells and beer traps.
I noticed that a few of the blogs I read having been reaching their 100th post and giving a 100 things you don't know about them. Well I'm like over 100 by 5 or 6. So I'm thinking maybe I'll do a 125 or 150 things about me you don't know. I've had a pretty hard childhood, that could fill 300 things you don't know about me. So look forward to that in the future. Have a great weekend!


emma said...

Slugs, hmmm? My mom had good luck with half a cantalope rind, placed upside-down (with space for slugs to sneak under), and also drwoning them in beer (and they don;t care if its the cheap stuff or not). Toads work well too, but I'm not sure how you convince them to live in your garden.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! You are so sweet! I love the pink here! ;) And yes, Youtube rocks my world!

Dawn Elizableth said...

I read about drowning them in beer but my husband rarely buys beer and when he does it's the semi good stuff. I read gardener snakes work too but I need to get rid of the chickens before I can make a rock garden by the garden for them.