Monday, June 9, 2008


Here's the happy winner with her ribbon and showing Eli off. He's actually behaving! I guess in public he thinks he's a dog not a cat. Which is how this guy acts whenever I see him. Pouncing around, rough housing, all the naughty dog stuff, I should say cat stuff.
There is a lot around the house I can't seem to do lately. Cleaning the house isn't one of them. I choose not to do it but now that it's summer time, I have thought about it. I did vacuum this week that should be good for another 3 months right?
I can't find anyone to take my chickens!! Seriously, people want them but I'm kind of picky. One couple I know have a fox problem and I don't want to be worrying myself to sleep and wondering if they were fox dinner that night. Another friend is just terrible about calling and he said him and his brother would just stop by!  I can't wait much longer.  
I would like to un-net my garden beds so things can grow. Unfortunately the chickens would go godzilla on the beds and there would be nothing left. So they are still here. Being neglected by my oldest.
Then, I just cannot seem to get my girls to sleep in the same room together! We tried when the youngest was 6 months old. She would keep her sister up and she still does. Even in a nice comfy air conditioned room she's all over the place. Jumping on my bed, throwing stuffed animals, you know the shenanigans kids pull. She is queen of it.
The last thing is, I think I may have come to the end of my quilt scrap ideas. I still have ideas, it's just the fabrics don't compliment each other to my high standards. I should just lower them right? I made pair of shorts for my oldest. Trying to use the smallest pieces up so the never ending supply of scraps would be gone. To my disappointment my neighbor must have given me a bottomless bags of quilt scraps because even after a pair of shorts, a shirt, a dress, 2 skirts, and a few appliqués, I still have a TON! They are everywhere, seriously don't tell anyone, it would probably be condemned around here because of the abundance of clutter!
So I will look at what I have and try to decide what to make. OH and my aunt gave more remnants she had lying around!!! I do have some nice yellow flower fabric that would make a great pair of shorts. Maybe with ruffles like I've seen in Mini Boden. Their clothes are too freaking cute!  Couldn't find the pair of shorts that I was talking about from Boden but Hanna Andersson does have a pair.  The picture is of a knit but I have seen it done in woven with heart pockets.  


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I just found your blog, and I think it's lovely!! I just wanted to say hi, and that I hope to get to know you!!

Dawn Elizableth said...

Thank you for the kind words. Feel free to ask questions.