Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ginkgo Skirt

Ginkgo Skirt
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So here it is, finally! I had a hard time grabbing the model view from Anthropologie because it's a slide show picture. Not a picture. It took forever and my fabulous husband did it for me. Woo hoo.
So the top I'm wearing does not go but it tucked in semi nicely in front. Now that I see the back, I'm thinking where did all that fabric come from? I do love the skirt, it's super cute and I ended up ordering the top they put on the model. If you have to see it, you can click here. It's actually washed in this picture and still slightly wet but you can't even tell! The thing I think is so cool about this skirt and put it in the well made category, it comes with it's own slip. Yep they built a slip in and put cute yellow lace on the edge. I'll show that off later in a future post!
My husband thinks the top of the skirt needs a transitional element. He doesn't like the belt on the model but what else can you put there? A brooch, a big sign??? I don't know.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty! Maybe a pretty silk ribbon?? I'm not sure!

Kudos to your hubby for getting that image! ;)