Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rhododendron Tree?

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Isn't this Rhododendron tree just gorgeous? I did not think that they even got this big. It came with the house so it's probably been here a good 20-30 years and in that time has made it's self right at home. I love how it looks when it blooms and had to take some pictures.
The wedding reception was wonderful. I even was teary eyed with all the wonderful things the best man and maid of honor had to say about the bride and groom. So sweet and touching. Even the bride and groom speech was so well thought out and included family celebrations that they wanted to share. It should be noted that the bride did all the talking because the groom forgot his glasses! I had to laugh because it's amazing that they finally got married!
With the weather being too hot, her dress was keeping her too toasty. It was strapless but with all the layers of tulle and who knows what they put under there, she was dying! Their table was outdoors with a great view of the pond and the ducks that live there.
Friday night it was so hot here that my youngest couldn't sleep. I left for work and she was still up. She wanted to put on winter pajamas and have all her blankets on her. Luckily I put them down the laundry shoot earlier in the day. This event has made us buy an air conditioner. When I came home at 4am it was still 77 degrees. Not comfortable sleeping weather even with the fan on. So we put the AC in my the master bedroom. The kids can sleep in there with us when it's unbearable. I couldn't see the point of running 3 fans on high and not effectively lowering the temperature in the room.
I have some amazing news! Well for my oldest daughter, who has been terrified of dogs for 2 years now. 2 summers ago she was cornered on a friend's porch by their pitbull and chewed on by the dog. My daughter had gone over and knocked on the door. The dog broke through the metal screen door jumped on her and started biting/chewing. She had broken skin from the teeth but stitches weren't required. Ever since then she has been scared off dogs.
My SIL and brother baby sat the girls yesterday. My SIL had my oldest do some competition stuff with the female dog. It went so well she went with them today to show off their Rhodesian Ridgeback. He's a bit crazy at home, so I was worried. They just got back and she received a ribbon for first place for handling the dog! It was only her and one other child and the other little girl was a little too immature with handling the dog. How great for her!


Bree said...

The bush is awesome. I used to have a lilac bush in the back yard but it died out, we cut it back and now it's growing again but no flowers yet. Glad you enjoyed the wedding!

the tumtum tree said...

Thank you for the comment! I'm a little too scared to even attempt knits and do my best to avoid them. But if I ever get backed into a corner I will use your good advice.
As for the bush, it looks amazing! Isn't it such a great high when plants surprise you like that. They say that they come back bigger every year.