Thursday, June 19, 2008

2nd Month Punk Rock Rock Club

Lotus Knit
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Here's what I received from Melanie of Lotus Knits. Isn't the yarn yummy looking. I almost want to lick it! It's that scrumptious looking, it makes you want to do crazy things! It also came with a cedar and lavender satchel to keep the moths away.
It's like she's reading my mind because I spent way to much money buying moth traps and repellent. Our house came with a terrible moth problem. It is terribly bad! I thought I had gotten rid of them by bagging all my wool last year but this year my husband has merino long underwear he left out. It's been washed and those little parasites have been all over it!
So I did tons of research and they are such scavengers that they don't need wool to live on. They can live on pet dander and other things. Since the house we bought had 4 dogs, 2 cats, a hamster,a rabbit and who knows what else living in it before us, they probably are living on whatever fell between the floor boards.
I have spent way to much money on yarn and sweaters to let those little b*stards ruin my stuff! So for the next 2 years the war is on! I will win! So I've re-bagged all the wool things I could find, even socks because I've seen them flying over my socks on my dresser. They've left the socks alone in the past but I'm not taking any chances. I have 2 bags in my freezer because I think they may have been infected with eggs. We've pulled almost all of the original carpet out of the house except for the 2 closets in the master bedroom. We didn't pull that out because they built the 2 closets on top of the carpet. Nothing like taking short cuts! If we pulled that out the whole closet would probably fall down about 3/4-1 inch. So we are waiting because the whole thing need to some out. It's a floor to ceiling deal. Lots of fun going on here!


Anonymous said...

Woah!! That's crazy!! Way to do your research! Goodness! Good luck!

And have a wonderful weekend too! :)

Dawn Elizableth said...

Thanks, it's been a crazy work weekend and I have one more shift to work and it's over! Woo hoo!