Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crazy Cat

Crazy Cat
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Look at the what I got from Lotus Knits today! No, not the cat, she decided to steal my yarn and claim it as her own! This beautiful creation is from her Punk Rock Sock Yarn Club. Inspired by Black Flag.
This was a nice break from the 2 flats of strawberries I have been processing the last few days. Every year I buy 3-4 flats of strawberries and freeze them It's nice to freeze that fresh yumminess and enjoy it during the cold winter months. Our fruit share gave us strawberries also and I made organic strawberry jam!
I have been working on a new apron top and now all I have left, is a lot of hand sewing. I would like to have it done in a week but there are a ton of pieces to be added. I'm not giving any hints but if it works out it should be super cute.


emma said...

I used to live near a pick-your-own rasperry place, and I would freeze a bunch every year. It really is great to make raspberry pancakes in February!
And I love that your cat seems to think that your yarn is a cat toy!

Dawn Elizableth said...

My cat had a great time! We have some great places around here for berry picking. I refuse to pick strawberries though. The last time I did that, was when I was 5 months pregnant. It's too much work and hard on the back.