Friday, June 6, 2008

Sheep Box

Sheep Box
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I finished this last weekend and had my husband take photos. I had to work and ran out of time. It was one of my bridal shower gifts. Yes the shower I didn't get to go to. Which is okay, things happen.
I made this out of a brie goat cheese box. It's the very thin wood box you get when you buy cheese sometimes. I covered the top with the sheep appliqué and stuffed it to become a pin cushion box! I glued it down in sections, which is why it took forever! Then I added the ribbon which you cant' see here. It's covering some spaces in the fabric where it didn't fit properly. I also added some pins inside!  Didn't want them poking through since my husband wrapped it for me!
It is bloody hot out today! 90 plus humidity and I walked to teach today. Pulling a wagon with child inside and all my materials! I'm beat! It went pretty well. 2nd graders cut much better than 1st graders. I had to cut almost all the 1st grader shirts for their dolls! Many of the 1st graders walked away without heads, hats and hair. They didn't seem to care. One little boy was very surprised that I was going to let him sew. His mother never lets him do that sort of stuff! He an excellent job! He was the only one who made it to the sewing step. The time went by too quickly and the dolls really aren't made for a 20 child group. More like 5-10. I didn't know. I thought I would have older children but they didn't want to make dolls.
If I am asked next year I think I'll just make toys! My youngest is going through a shy stage so it was like she wasn't there! Except for clean up when she told me she had to pee! We ran to the bathroom, I don't know how long she had to go. Then she had performance issues because there was a line. She did a great job of holding it though!  Much to my relief, no back up clothes!  
I work tonight from 10pm-4am, then go back at noon-4pm. Rush home to get dressed for the wedding reception. Pray that I get enough sleep to enjoy the momentous day! They've been together FOREVER! So it's about time they make it legal!  Well they haven't been living together, just together.  They are good Catholics, wouldn't want anyone getting the wrong idea.
Have a good weekend and it's rumored I have Sunday off. I shall find out how lucky I am tonight!

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