Monday, July 28, 2008

Closet Lighting

closet lighting
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Does anyone remember when I bought this? No... well neither did I! It's finally in the closet! So I'm excited and it's a step closer to becoming a functioning closet. Now I need to work on the layout for the drawers and hanging rods. You may notice that my husband hung the sconces upside down. I may point it out but he did check how they were built well and hopefully they won't break. What do you think, change it or keep it the same? Does it matter? There is going to be a full length mirror inbetween them.
I seriously do not like fleas! I never had a thought about them before but now, they are pains at my ankles! My floors are covered in baking soda and salt, hopefully dry them out! My girls are home and I really do not want to use chemicals with them around. It is supposed to dry them out and make them too thirsty to bite. Go figure on that one but it does make them act slower. So I haven't been getting bit that much lately. The soap traps are still catching a ton! I'm hoping we are on the down swing of the cycle and they will be gone in a week!
It was a very trying weekend with a new kid in the department. I do not like to babysit and that's what I did this weekend. The kid was so slow and I swear disappeared during his shift. I did scare the crap out of one of my co-worker's after my Sunday shift. That moment made up for the tough weekend. I seriously scared the crap out of him! I called the store and no one answered in the department. So I had him paged. Well he picked up and answered the phone with "Hello". It's not proper phone protocol and I called him on it. He didn't know who I was, so all I hear is him taking a big deep breath and his brain going "OH shit, I'm so in trouble!" I only let it last for 3 seconds and burst out laughing. He was relieved that it was me and we had a good laugh. He's really a good kid, just a little airheaded at times! Hopefully he will mature and common sense things will click! If not watch out airline industry because he wants to be a pilot!


Anonymous said...

The lighting looks beautiful!! It's always great to see one's self when dressing! ;)

Good luck with the flea problem! Yikes! Hope they all pack up and leave!

emma said...

Fleas don't vacuum up? Or wash out? I have been really lucky. We have an outdoor cat, but we've never had a serious problem with fleas. I thought they didn't go far so if you cleaned your pet's bed, you could keep it contained. But as I said, I don't really know.
I think the sconces look fine - if you hadn't told me they were upside-down, I wouldn't have guessed!