Thursday, July 17, 2008

Full House

summer heat
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See the cat sacked out on the couch! That was a week or 2 ago when it was super hot and the humidity was high! I don't think it really looks like a nice cool place to hang out but maybe she needed to some couch love. She'll probably on the couch again today because it's going to be super hot. There's a poor quality air warning for around here. Wish I had known that when we decided to walk not bike to summer rec! Oh well I have to drive to pick up my oldest since we leave for swim right after.
So this week I've had my SIL stay with us and she maybe leaving tonight. She'll know after her class ends today, if the woman thinks they crammed enough in to 4 days. Last night a guy who is taking private lessons from my husband came to stay with us. I'm not terribly happy because my his plane arrived at 9:45pm, then he called us at 10:45pm because he had his rental car and would be here in 30 minutes. Well 2 hours and 45 minutes later he shows up. I can see why he wanted to stay with us, he has no sense of direction. He kept bouncing back and forth on this one expressway.
On Friday his apprentice is going to be staying with us, to take a class my husband is teaching at a local function. I wouldn't mind if my husband would teach and then we could hang out. Unfortunately this guy already has him off schedule and will take up the whole entire day. I probably won't see him until he goes to bed. At least with my SIL is helpful and has homework, so I don't have to entertain her all the time. Plus she quilts and sews so I can ask her questions about the shirt I'm working on for my daughter. I have never made children's clothes with a pattern. So I'm a little confused about the placement and stuff.
I guess I should be happy the guy's will be paying us to stay here but I worry because we really do not know the one guy. The other guy we only met him when he took private lessons in April. How long does it take to know a person to let them stay with you?
On a funny cat note, my psycho jungle cat loves to play with wasps! Seriously, the one day she was doing this frantic meowing. I walk over and she is playing with this black and blue wasp. She grabs it in her mouth and runs upstairs with it and begins batting it around like a crazy woman! It was 5 minutes of craziness while my husband tried to swat the wasp to death while the cat kept running around with it in her mouth! Oi vey!

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