Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Guess What?!?!

Hidden Nest
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I'm going be all by my little old self tomorrow for half a day! Whoo hooo! I'm so psyched! I'm cleaning the fridge, freezing swiss chard and doing laundry. I've been doing laundry but our basement has turned into "THE LAND OF DIRTY LAUNDRY"! It is really bad because the land has been divided and now is taking over the hall in the basement. Don't worry the laundry shall not win. I plan on going forward with a full attack all day on it! It will be done or almost done by tomorrow. I will rule the basement and proclaim myself Queen!
Okay on to another topic. Isn't this nest so cute! I found it while we were black raspberry picking yesterday! I almost missed it because it had leaves hanging all over it. I'm hoping it was a safe place because look at the size of those prickers! Yikes! The berries are in season here and I do have to travel far. This picture was take right in our neighbors backyard. Not my quilting neighbor the other neighbor and not the crazy neighbors backyard either. I guess they hit the berries too! I didn't get a lot but I plan on going out and see if those red ones are black!
So you are probably wondering how I ended up getting half a day to myself. Well my husband is driving to his parents house with the girls. He's picking up a top to an island and a kitchen sink. They are getting new counters (granite countertops) and a new sink. They are lucky! This stuff is coming to our house and will be put in the scabbed together kitchen. We are cheaply putting an island in there and will move it around. It will make it easier for when we can afford to do the whole kitchen the right way. Also if either of us do not like the set up we can move it! Smart, I hope so!

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