Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tie Dye Done

Tie Dye Done
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I could not get a photo without someone or cat being in it. Here's the 2 shirts after drying and I'm glad I waited. You can see that the shirts aren't solid in color which I like. Some of my favorite J Crew shirts have been dyed to look uneven. The one on the right isn't as interesting as the left one. It was just an experiment and I love the color. I did dye some hemp/linen fabric to make capri's for the girls too. I don't know if you can see it but my daughter is wearing ruffled capri's that I made today. It's the yellow and pink fabric. I'll take pictures tomorrow because she is not willing to get out of her dress.
I was called into work this evening and don't know when I will go in yet. I'm going to call to see when the truck comes in. It's going to be another long day. I may take a nap but probably not.
It rained here but the humidity has not left the house. It's really gross in some rooms where the breeze doesn't quite make it in. We do not have screens for all our windows. They are enormous and probably painted shut too. It seems to happen a lot in old houses. I personally do not like painted windows. I like a stained look.

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Anonymous said...

Ooh fun! They look beautiful! And I think a certain kitty likes them too! :)