Friday, July 4, 2008

Mojito 4th of July

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Happy 4th of July! I took a picture of my husband's new safe because it's so blue, that it reminded me of the 4th. Isn't it the prettiest safe you have ever seen? We thought we were getting a baby blue colored safe and were very surprised to see this beauty! There's nothing in it, so no need to try to rob us.  Can you see my cat at the bottom of the picture?  I took this in a dark office and couldn't believe she followed me in.  She must have liked the flash!
We decided, since we saw fireworks last night that we would relax and have mojitos tonight plus watch Juno. We had them at our friends wedding and loved them. My husband got the recipe off the Bacardi website and they aren't as sweet but still yummy. We were invited to my Aunt and Uncle's cabin but my youngest came upstairs after our evening walk and fell asleep on the couch. Which is fine with me I plan on going to bed early tonight. The working till 4am isn't always easy to do.
I am almost done with the top I have been working on! I can't wait to be done. We went to Joann's today and I bought 2 patterns for my oldest. I'm not going to play the I'm going to wear it  mom and then have her not wear the clothing I make her game. So she's pretty happy with what patterns we picked out and even has layed fabric out for each item. Let's hope she wears them!
We looked at dishwasher's today, since ours has been dead for 2 years now! We are one step closer to getting one. Woo hoo for me. I some how got a scratch underneath my wedding ring and it became infected. I didn't realize it until it started itching from doing dishes and washing strawberries for jam. I'm fine but I do have to rave about tea tree oil. I put it on it and had fantastic results! If you don't know about tea tree oil it's anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.
Speaking of looking at things... I've been trying really hard to buy American or close to it and I so want this garlic press! I have broken 2. I use garlic a lot! It's made in Denmark but I can't afford $98.
Okay I've rattled on and on. Happy 4th of July!


Bree said...

Oh, I love my garlic press and I just know I'm going to break it because I paid $2 for it at Walmart! I'd love to have that one you linked to, but like you, I do NOT have $98 for one, even one that great!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful safe! (and kitty!) I love that bright blue! Very festive for the fourth! ;)