Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dunn Metal Designs

I know I promised a while ago reviews of my favorite artist's/friends from the show we did. Sorry it took forever. It's been crazy here.
First up is a very good friend of mine, who I went to college with. We were in the same program and worked for our professor too. He's a great guy and does wonderful things with copper. Everything you are looking at is made from copper. At least I'm pretty sure it is, every once in a while he may throw in brass to get a different patina. I hope you like his stuff as much as I do. Check out his fabulous website because he has lamps too! He didn't have any at this show but we own the Foxglove lamp and matching vase. We LOVE them!
I really admire this piece. This is not easy to do, with all the different patina's going on. Look at the gorgeous blues! Plus the red on the coral. It takes skill and patience to create the patina's for this piece.
Aren't these the cutest trio of vases you have ever seen? They remind me of Brancusi's sculptures but with function.

Tim's most popular item is his Calla Lily candlesticks. Very simple yet elegant! He does have more candlesticks but I don't have pictures of them but you can look at them here. Also I don't have picture of the wall pocket vases which are my husband's favorite. Check him out he does do quite a few shows a year, mostly in NY, PA and MA but he does do business over the internet. I hope you enjoyed looking at his metal work, and I hope to have another artist up this week.

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Anonymous said...

What creative ways to show off light! :) I love it when artists think outside the box, and push their artwork to new freshness! :) Thanks for sharing!