Friday, July 18, 2008

Empty House!

Woohoo!  We had to ask our guest to leave!  For those of you who maybe visiting relatives or friends this summer or anytime really, here are some things that probably won't be appropriate.  At least they will get you asked to leave our house.  Sexual comments about the opposite sex, even when meant to flatter, they just don't fly with me.  A remark questioning fidelity of some one's marriage.  Yeah that didn't make my husband happy.  Claiming you are spiritually better than the person you are talking to.  Hello, aren't we all equal in god's eyes?!  At least that's what I've heard.  
Last night I just couldn't take it.  I didn't have anytime with my husband.  Seriously the private class is supposed to run 9am-3pm and it was 10pm before he could get away.  He was exhausted and upset.  I hadn't slept very well the night before. I couldn't take him anymore!!   Plus his buddy was supposed to be staying with us tonight.  After a long discussion my husband went down and told him we are private people and need our privacy.  So they spent an hour calling hotels within a 15 mile radius.  After getting no where because there's a HUGE paint ball tournament going on and no rooms available, my husband and I went to bed.  We found a place today that charges $160 a night is an hour away.  No wonder they didn't want to pay the hotel fees.  Everything else is $200 or more around here.  Which really surprises me because I really don't consider this a tourist area.  
So I have my house back, I don't have to worry about being perved at.  Or feeling extra creepy vibes I was getting when he was around my children!  
I totally forgot, I gave blood today for the 1st time in my life!!  I've always wanted to but didn't weigh enough.  I hope it helps someone out, who really needs it. 
Hope  you all have a great weekend!


emma said...

I hope your weekend improved after your bad guest experience! I think the pervy feeling around my kids is what would get to me the most. Good for you for being so pro-active about your space! I get very wimpy and hide in the kitchen when situations like that come up. This always back-fires because then I end up doing all the cooking too! Did you survive the hot weekend?

Bree said...

OMG - gutsy woman, you!

I would have probably kept my mouth shut even while in utter misery. But I'm lame like that. It gives me something to complain about I guess... :)

I'm glad you are feeling better in your own home again.

Dawn Elizableth said...

Thanks gals, I do feel like I'm queen again! I really couldn't take it and he was everywhere! We'd go in the backyard and my husband would come to say HI and he would follow! He was supposed to be working on projects but he had the attention span of a 2 year old. We put our pool up, so it wasn't a terrible weekend. Plus the AC is in our room and everyone slept in there!
I went to work on Saturday and was just so emotional exhausted, plus only had 4 hours of sleep because I didn't trust him. I got a little emotional.
I guess he's a sexist big time. He took women friends of our out to eat and was so rude to the waitress, I wouldn't blame her if she spit in the food! Hope both of you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like an eventful week! I hope things are better now that things are normal. I hope you have a wonderful monday!! xo!