Thursday, July 10, 2008

Such Is Life

Yarn Lover
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Can you believe it's Friday tomorrow? My week has flown by here. I will be picking up my daughter tomorrow from horse camp. There's a show before we pick up our children to show off their newly learned skills. If I'm on top of things, I'll remember to bring a camera and take lots of pictures. Since I also have to remember to bring the gift for the birthday party we are going to after I pick her up, the chances are high that I'll forget. I'm really going to try not to, since my husband can't make it. He's going to be playing D & D. Yeah he's a big geek.
The plaster and lathe is gone and the studs are left to be taken out. It's dustier here than the desert during dry season! I've mopped, washed down everything and it's still gross. My husband has a couple of electrical issues to deal with but nothing major. Hope we can get it all done before she gets back!
So we had an appliance technician come out to take a look at our fridge because it died last year. Well to fix it, it would cost $600 and only be guaranteed for 90 days!! It only lasted 4 years! So we will be using the apartment fridge for another 2-3 years. I just feel that nothing out there really stands for quality. Maytag appliances who had the commercials that they never needed a repair man, doesn't hold true anymore. I think I would like this but I'm wary. So we will live with this one until it dies!
I hope all had an enjoyable week! I'm pretty happy because I worked in my favorite department last night. I'm tired but that's fine, I had a good time. So such is life and cute kitty pictures always make me smile! Especially since she is a yarn lover like I am!


Anonymous said...

Your cute kitty looks a tiny bit like my family's cat Truman! He has more stripes and less spots, but I think they'd make good friends. :)

emma said...

Boy, I have one busy week at work and you have gotten so much done! Carpeting, strawberries, tye-dying - I've worked. And tried not to yell at my kids too much. My hats off to you!

Dawn Elizableth said...

Unfortunately my cat's an occasional lover and more of a fighter. Hoping she will grow out of it.
I am missing one child, so there's been no yelling. It'll change when she comes home. You work at a library, how awesome that is! I'm secretly jealous.