Monday, July 7, 2008

Tie Dying

Tie Dying
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I have been so busy and this is one of a few projects I've been working on. I've had these shirts for 10 years but with children and well myself, they haven't stayed stain free. So I'm dying them purple to give them a new life and to hide the stains they have. I decided to go crazy with one and minimal with the other one. I used yarn to tie the sections off and the shirts are done but drying. The purple one looks the best while the tan one needed to be more uniform with the tying. I'm not trying to go for a fashion statement.
Strawberry season is done here and I've frozen 3 flats of strawberries. I also made another flat of strawberry jam. With the food sensitivities going on here I make my jam with honey using Pomona's Pectin. I really do not like using so much sugar and the recipe only calls for a half a cup of honey. Also on a side note, sugar is going to be made using Genetically Modified plants. Kellogg's is going to be using it in their cereals starting soon.
My oldest is at horse camp this week and we are tearing out the carpet in her room. We also decided to take down her wall since her room is so small. It's cramped and crowded and she probably won't like it at first but once she gets used to it, she'll realize it's for the best.
We bought another coffin freezer on the 4th too. We bought half a cow and realized that if my garden produces as much as it should. We will be running out of room in December, with the deer and veggies. On the plus side the freezer was made in Canada! Yeah!
Have you ever heard of Cutco? Neither did I until my husband read about the garlic press I wanted. The company is only an hour away and everything made there. They also have a guarantee on their items. So if I break their garlic press, they will give me a replacement.
The puppies have been born too! July 1st and 2nd but one died 3 days later! There are 3 black boys and 1 girl. The girl appears to be at least 4 days behind the other puppies. A little dog info. Dogs have U shaped uterus's and can have different fertilization times plus multi father's but that's not the case. So we are hoping the girl catches up with the other's because my SIL really would like a black girl. There's only 1 other girl and she's liver colored.
Summer's just seem so busy and the time flies around here! Swim lessons start for the youngest tomorrow. My oldest will be going to Williamsburg, VA in August and will be gone for 11 days with grandma. How exciting for her! I wonder what we can do next in house renovations!

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Anonymous said...

Great idea for your shirts! I bet that purple one will look like a jewel! :)