Friday, July 11, 2008

Ruffled Capri's

Ruffled Capri's
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Look I actually made something this week. It feels like I haven't made anything in so long. Even though I did finish my mystery project too, but that will be posted next week. I have to work all weekend and clean too. My SIL is coming to stay with us this week because she's taking a class in a town near by and didn't want drive an 3 hours from my MIL's house everyday.
So back to the capri's. Made from vintage 1970's fabric that my Aunt gave me. They were supposed to be shorts but I worked on them when I was tired this week and made them way too long. Opps! So I still have enough fabric and will be making shorts plus maybe a shirt to match. The shirt will probably out of green fabric.
I realized that I have a ton of posting to work on. I still have all the pictures from the show of my favorite artist's/crafter's. Plus my 125 things about me post is done but needs to be put up. I hope everyone has a great weekend! It's going to be hot here but I'm working in super cold AC and will be dressed like it's winter!
On a totally off note, I received a snail mail scam saying I won $75,000. I'll scan it in because it certainly looks real.

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emma said...

Great shorts! But that kind of goes without saying because you made them. And did you say 125 Things?! OMG! I thought finding 100 was bad enough! I can't wait.