Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fairy Appliqué

Fairy Appliqué
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I finished this fairy appliqué shirt for my oldest yesterday and was so happy it was done. Unfortunately she didn't have the same enthusiasm that I did. First she didn't like the face and then later when I gave her time to think about it. She said it was the sleeves. It wasn't her color choice at all. She wanted purple.
When I first told her this project, I let her pick all the colors. Then I realized that the fairy wouldn't be seen because all the colors were red and corals! The hair would have been the wing color. So I kept that fabric and added the others so you could see the fairy on the shirt. Should have left it. Of course you would be looking at a oval face with nothing else right now.
If she doesn't want to wear it my youngest would happily do so without complaint.
Also I'm trying to work on a tutorial for the apron top dress. Problem is I made it up off the top of my head. I have no sewing skills, so I have don't know sewing language. My method is take this thingy and fold it etc... I'm sure there are good short cuts but I don't know any. It will probably be done in parts and right now I can't figure out how many parts there will be. All I know it that this one is going to be cream colored on top. The rest I have to piece together. Stayed tuned for updates.

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