Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cool Packages!

I've been busy with packages this week. Getting packages not sending them out. It started with my daughter breaking her watch a month ago. She can't tell time without it and sometimes she doesn't have pockets to carry the watch case around with her.
So I was on the search for a sturdy watch. It's harder than it sounds. I wanted no plastic parts. I found a Timex watch on Amazon and only need to spend $8 more to get free shipping. The possibilities were endless but I already knew what I wanted. The Creative Family by Amanda Soule.  It's a great book.  I mainly got it to find out how she makes her adorable pants for her children without a pattern.  It has a ton of other great ideas too.  I haven't had time to read that much but I really like it!
I also received the first month of Lotus Yarns Sock Yarn Club!  The  yarn colors are inspired by Punk Rock Bands and the first month is The Clash.  The yarn is gorgeous.  It's black, army green, with peach and cream.  I'm not a big fan of the color orange but this totally works!  Now to figure out what sock pattern to knit.  Yikes the possibilities.  Endless!  It also came with wool wash because you should wash your socks!  
I work all weekend.  Tonight, tomorrow morning and then I come back at midnight on Sunday to work 12-4am.  Yikes, let's hope I can make it.  I can't decide if I will be tired enough to sleep before the midnight shift.  I hope so.  I need like 8-9 hours of sleep and getting 2-3 before hand would really be great.  If not watch out Monday, I will be cranky!

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emma said...

Nice package. These days, it is so exciting to get something other than a bill or an ad in the mail. aren't the sock clubs expensive. They look like fun and I've been wanting to do one for a while but they all seem to cost a few hundres dollars. How did you choose?