Monday, May 26, 2008

2nd Week

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I've made it through the 2nd week of work and I'm still alive. Of course it does help that they've changed many things in the one department. It seems like things are changing also in the other one I work too.
Things not to do at work because you will regret them later. Do not drop heavy objects on your foot. I accidentally knocked over a scan gun on the desk and it fell on my foot. I have a lovely bruise and boy does it freaking hurt! I was limping today earlier but I've blocked out the pain. I also twisted wrong unloading things off a pallet and popped my rib out. It sounds gross but when you have scoliosis it's very easy to do. I knew my back was slightly out but this morning when I twisted the wrong way and popped my hip out. It just means my right leg is 1/2 inch longer than the left. I have to remember to not twist my upper half or is it my lower half? Of course my chiropractor is going out of town on Thursday for 2 weeks, so I'm trying to get an appointment.
My big boss from my first department worked with us this weekend and I feel so bad for her. You can't expect young teenagers to care about getting the job done right and on time. Sometimes you find one who cares and gets the job but mostly they just want to goof off and have fun. The one kid was not completing his work and leaving notes saying he didn't get it. Well when my boss explained it to him, he did it and then didn't put the work it where belonged. She was livid! I came in twice when he was getting yelled at. He never apologized and then he got mouthy back at her. I don't know if he will get fired or what but I feel like I was thrown into a pit and was just trying to escape!
It's kind of like this tent caterpillar. Cute and innocent looking but put it on a tree and it will devour it!
I hopefully will get projects that have been hanging around done. A dress, pants, an appliqué and a box. I'm also thinking about starting a flickr group for scarp quilting clothes. I should see if there are any first.


Bree said...

I get what you're saying about teenagers. Thankfully, our oldest son is really all about doing things right the first time. He's anal like that. He's a neat freak and a perfectionist.

emma said...

Yeah, that adjustment back to work can be harder than the adjustment to having left work. Is the scoliosis bad? I know a woman who had surgery as an adult and then was three inches taller! But it sounds like yours is not as bad. I sympathize to the popped rib. I helped my dad move furniture the other week and threw my back out. Ah, the joys of getting older!
Hang in there! :)

Dawn Elizableth said...

My scoliosis used to be very bad but having an almost 9lb child seemed to help my muscles relax and stop them from fighting with my spine. Plus cutting out msg, hydrogenated oils and taking cod liver oil everyday have really helped. So much my chiro can't believe that I'm the same patient.