Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mommy's helper

Mommy's helper
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It's sometimes hard with little ones to get things done that you need to. Now that my youngest is 3 I thought we could do some work together in the studio.
Here she is happily hammering away at the tiniest piece of metal. I finished switch plates that will be patinated tonight. Well they better be, I have a blood blister on my ring finger that says so. I don't do hard work with pain for nothing around here.
My part time job has been going well. I know I've only worked 2 days but I'm trying to be positive. I do have to say that groceries stores are filthy dirty places! I had to line and level yesterday and my fingers were black from all the dust. I think they need to wipe down things and not dust. All it does is redistribute the dust to another aisle! So what's your least favorite thing about grocery stores?

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