Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Dress

Summer Dress
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Here's my newest dress creation. It's a summer dress but boy it's still chilly here. I'm still using all the scraps from my neighbor and the trim on the bottom is left over ribbon from some project. I thought this dress worked out perfectly. On the shoulder is a little bird button/snap combination. It's a little big but she will be able to wear this for quite some time.
It's gorgeous out here. We are having frost warnings this morning and tomorrow. I've been tarping my gardens at night. After all that hard work, I refuse to let mother nature take my seedlings. I also saw a hummingbird chasing a robin yesterday morning. I'm wondering if there is a nest in the tree? I put out the hummingbird feeder but don't know if we will have any takers. It's not your typical feeder, it's more for human appreciation not bird usefulness. There is a town wide garage sale happening in a few weeks. I maybe able to pick up one from there.
I also received these lovely glass pitchers that I've been wanting for a while!  I've slowly been phasing out the plastic in the house and have been searching for glass containers everywhere.  I wanted this one but it's out of stock.  They look exactly the same so I'm happy.  We eat a lot of fermented food items and they are supposed to be kept in glass.  If you can't find it, you can't buy it.  This should work out great to fit into the fridge door.  A big plus because many containers I found were round and it just doesn't work out unless you own a round fridge.  I also like the fact that it has a wide mouth so I can get in there to scrub.  I love when thought has gone into a product and it's easy to use plus clean.  


emma said...

Nice dress! Nice Pitcher! Do you make your own fermented foods? Saurkraut? Kombuchi? I keep meaning to, but so far I still just buy them when I want them.

Dawn Elizableth said...

Yes I do. Kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha and I'm looking into miso. I also have a yummy recipe for raisin chutney! Yum. We've stopped drinking kombucha because my husband is having thyroid issues. Tea has fluoride in it and supposedly it attaches it's self to something and messes with your thyroid. But I will have kombucha vinegar. I was running a kombucha and kefir hotline for a while for friends.

jen said...

Nice way to use up scraps. I like the scoop neck too.

Brenda said...
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