Sunday, May 18, 2008

The First Week

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So I worked one full week and ugg! I'm so tired and I should be making dinner. In my defense I had a terrible night's sleep. Followed by getting up before the alarm went off for work.
I woke up before the sun rose today! Oh yeah! My favorite part is listening to the little birdies start chirping. I imagine it sounds something like this. Psst, it's light, wake up. What!? Light cool, I'm hungry. Hey you gotta wake up it's light the day is starting! And so on.
Remember I said teenagers were a hoot?! Well they are also insecure and control freaks. Yesterday I was asked politely if I would be leaving after the summer. I said no, I wasn't leaving until I quit whenever that is. It was then followed by a "Well I didn't mean anything by it." I laughed and told him that I understood he was worried about getting hours. He works as a cashier also and hates it. Being a cashier is torture. I've never been a cashier for this company but any job that won't let you go to the bathroom, is not my type of job!
This morning I was told to put up tags and handed many piles. Okay I can do that. They were given to me by the 2nd in charge! So no problem with that. I then get a page by another girl in the department. Who tells me after I put up tags in the aisle I should walk the aisle to see if there are any tags that aren't supposed to be up. I still have a friend who works at the store and know that it's not the case and so I tell her I thought that was done after all the tags were done. She was no, it's not. Then I end it with fine I can do that.
Not even 5 minutes later her henchman comes over and tells me the same exact thing. I tell him that I understood it the first time, I can handle the concept of what she told me to do. He tells me that she didn't think I understood. No I understood alright, she doesn't want to walk the aisles later on so I being low woman on the totem pole should be her bitch. I think I made him feel uncomfortable because I was cocky while thinking the last sentence in my head and told him yeah I got it. He countered with, yeah she's weird. I laughed to myself because I'm not the one who's doing her bidding. Pot meet kettle.
So I'm not a game player, team yes, games no. I told the 2nd in charged and she confirmed that I should ignore her. Which I'm going to have to do. I was trying to work and as soon as #2 left the store she pages me, which means I have to find a phone. To call her back and then explain what I'm working on. It was kind of complicated and she didn't understand. I really didn't want to give her the whole story. Since she is not my boss I'm not going to answer her pages. It's not going to bode well for our friendship but hey I'm there to work.
On a total side note. I realized that this grocery chain is VERY environmentally unfriendly. Yes they have canvas bags to put the last weeks sale tags in but the new tags are so bad. They went from being paper stickers to laminated stickers. Plastic does not break down like paper does. So I'm creating garbage that is going to last a few hundred years. Every week end lots and lots of garbage. Well if it wasn't me then someone else!

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