Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Who Would Have Thought...

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That I'm going to be one of the working people again. After a 2 year hiatus, I was actually hired back. I had my interview yesterday and it really wasn't an interview. It was more like yeah I wanted to put a face to the name, the job is yours, how many hours and when can you work.
Wow! Shock, horror and much surprise on my part. Since my boss hasn't said anything to me since I quit 2 years ago! Then I saw her after the interview and I think she is one of those people who is never happy. Which makes me feel bad for her. Well as bad as I possibly can feel. I believe we have the ability to control how we look at that half full glass of water.
She is much younger than I am and has her life ahead of her. If life throws tomatoes at you, make tomato sauce with lots of oregano, basil and garlic! Or that's how I like to think of it anyways.
So I'm going to try to mind my own business and look to the positive side things! I will have money to put food on the table and to pay off the credit cards that have accumulated food and emergency things that have come up. This summer I will be running around from farm co-op to farm and since they are prepaid. I will have extra cash to set aside for Christmas and whatever the school year throws my way.
I may not be able to blog that much but I'm neurotic and always on the go. So it may not effect it at all. Which makes me a great worker, I just can't stand around not doing anything.
This will certainly be an interesting time for my husband who will be alone with the girls! Insert evil laugh here! Not that there is anything wrong with my children, they just dearly love their mother and aren't happy if they aren't making me miserable. Mom I forgot that this house isn't a place to just toss everything I don't want to eat or play with on the floor!
On a positive note, we found a home for our chickens. Which is good because I didn't want them going any place where they would be eaten by human or wild animal easily. Once wild animals find a good source of fresh food, they just keep going back!

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Bree said...

Congrats on getting your job back!