Friday, May 2, 2008

Cutely deceiving

Cutely deceiving
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See my daughter sitting there all cute and innocent. Holding the cat in her lap who appears to happy and content. Well it's a good facade for her mommy abusing antics.
It started with walking. I would follow her and she would stop suddenly for no reason. I end up tripping over her, or diving so I don't hurt her. Then she wants to help out with sweeping or raking. Unfortunately she doesn't pay attention to where the end of the handle goes. So often I get whacked from behind because she just doesn't realize that the item in her hand extends farther that she can reach.
Last night she got me good. She started this bed time ritual of hugs on each side, a kiss and then an Eskimo kiss. She's been giving me quick half hugs and blows me kisses. Even though I'm sitting right next to her. So I told her that wouldn't do and I wanted a full hug and kiss. Well she got a little over zealous and head butted me in the eyebrow. It hurt so bad that I swear I have a bruise hiding behind my eyebrow. If she wasn't so damned cute I would have thought she was out to get me. I'm kind of scared now. Is it the clumsy 3's or is she really trying to get me.

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