Friday, May 30, 2008

The Universe

The universe is out to get my left foot. Why the left one, I don't know. Today is the 2nd time this week something has been dropped on that foot! Luckily it just missed the original bruise. I have to go to work this evening and I'm hoping there will be no more accidents.
Next Saturday I'm supposed to go to a wedding. Did I ask off for that day?!? No, I accidentally put down July 4th. Why did I, no clue again. I called this morning to tell my boss about my mistake but she wasn't there. So I talked to whomever was in charge. I'm hoping I get off, well sort of. It's a Catholic ceremony and I have a fear of churches. They make me feel uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. Nothing ever bad happened to me in them. Unless you count all the hours of kneeling and sitting I did as a little girl. I just don't like them. It's more like the idea of them that creeps me out. Putting your faith into something that may not be around forever. It maybe true, it may not be.
I have seriously backed out of going to churches tons of times since I've been married. The only one I stayed the whole through the whole ceremony was my best friends wedding. It just wouldn't look good if one of the maids of honor left mid ceremony!
This picture is a close up of the shoulder for the summer dress. The dress buttons and snaps here for easy on and off. I'm wondering if I should have added a beak now.
I only had 3 hours of sleep yesterday after I got home from work. I could have stayed in bed but once your mother calls you, I just feel obligated to start the day. So I put on my I'm really happy to be awake smile and voice. I received many compliments on how awake I sounded. Do I usually sound tired after 9 hours of sleep? Which is what I really need to make me feel rested. As I pointed out to my husband women are really good at faking it. Which upsets him but he's seen When Harry Met Sally. Who can forget the restaurant scene in that! I think women can easily disguise what they are really feeling to appear to be what they aren't. I'm not saying I do it all the time. I just knew if I didn't change how I really felt that it would just be another crappy day. It worked until 7pm, when it was bed time, well at least I could have gone to bed!

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