Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

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Well this was my first day back to work. What a great way to start Mother's Day. It went really well I think. I forgot a lot of things plus they changed some computer things so I felt dumb. But I think after a week or two it will be like I never left. I remember how to hang tags and that's the most important thing.
I've read about Suburban Bliss's terrible neighbors and have been very thankful that we had great neighbors. The other side of town (two blocks over) is the troublesome side of town. It's not like the city, it's mostly teenage kids not knowing what to do with themselves and causing trouble. No farms are near enough to go cow tipping. I thought we would never have to worry about it until someone moved in with teenage children.
Now I'm not being judgmental. I love teenager's, I work/worked with many myself and really have never had problems. I have a problem when parent's don't teach their children there are laws and to respect other people's property.
The neighbor's are not right next door, there is a business in between us. When the business is closed they have decided to use the business's property as their dogs pooping grounds, and the back of the property as their backyard.
Last night there was a huge party with all their teenage children and their friends. I think they have 5 kids, there maybe more. So multiply that by 4-5 kids that they each brought. It was a big loud party and it kind of kept my oldest up when she went to bed. Since it wasn't 11pm we couldn't call the cops.
I think I'm going to talk to the guy who runs the business because they decided to start a bonfire in the business's yard. Which is like 10 feet from our fence. It did quiet down but as a mother of 2 young children I'm worried. Are they drinking? What are the parent's (who were there the whole time) thinking? They were trespassing on private property. Property where, little kids will be playing the next day, where they were partying.
I'm just worried this will escalate into a bigger problem if it isn't nipped in the bud. It's been a very peaceful place until they moved in and started renting out apartment above, for extra income?!  I'm not sure they really "feel" the people out either for the apartment. The last couple had shouting arguements outside in the middle of blizzards.  I'm going to miss those quieter times.
Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day!

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