Monday, May 19, 2008

Co-Dog Owner

We are talking about co-owning a dog with my SIL.  Her dog is going to have puppies and she wants to keep a male and a female.  Problem is that she will have 3 puppies and 2 dogs.  Too much for her and my brother to take care of.  So we will take the male to raise but she will train him for dog shows and send him away for hunt training.  We are only in the "talking" part of our conversation.  I'm not a dog person.   Well I like dogs but other people's dogs.  I like to get them all crazy and leave.  Yeah, I'm going to be a great grandmother.  I think this will work because we won't have the dog constantly and will have a sitter for when we go on business trips.  Win, win.  Plus my youngest loves my SIL's dog and I'm sure will be thrilled when we tell her we are getting a puppy.  My oldest is still afraid of dogs.  I can't blame her.  She was cornered by a pit bull and her arm was chewed on.  She's been untrustworthy of dogs, since then.  It was 3 years ago but she's still jumpy and scared.  
On a positive note I talked to my 2nd manager and told her how I really enjoyed working for her department last night.  She's going to see if my 1st manager will let her have me for more hours.  Yeah I'm bloody tired but no stress.  No stress is good!
I've been listening to this song today to keep me awake.  It's so funny!  How can you not be in a good mood!

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