Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ah Help?!

Ruffle Skirt
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Here's another view of the skirt. I love how the batik looks on this one! Plus the ruffles too. If you are wondering what my daughter is pointing at, it's a tent caterpillar. I thought they were cute harmless caterpillar's all my life and they turns out to be tree eaters. So we have lots. D'oh!
So now my plea for help. My husband has decided to leave the anniversary plans up to me this year. Ugh! Actually he said I should take care of the plans for the next decade because he had the first decade. I think because we are already into decade number 2 by 2 years he should continue.
I need 12 year anniversary plans. Nothing fancy or cost prohibitive. I know there are fun things locally but are they anniversary worthy? We are so starved for alone time without kids that I think we would be happy to sit together in a park during a thunderstorm. I think I would be happy with any suggestions. It doesn't have to be memorable just enjoyable. Also time constrictions are a factor because I need to find a babysitter too.


emma said...

Aniversary plans? Is the old tiried and true fancy dinner not enough? I'm kind of useless at this stuff. One year my husband handed me a present and I just stared at him blankly with absolutely no idea why he was giving me a gift. No clue that it was my aniversary. So my plans tend to be low key - just remembering it is a big deal!

Dawn Elizableth said...

We aren't an over the top celebrators but I figure after being together for this long we should be very excited. Also I've put up with his snoring at night and not beaten him with a baseball bat. That's quite an accomplishment. I do have admit it took me 5 years to remember when we were married. 7/25. This how I do it 2+5=7, 7/25. Glad I can still add after all these years.

Eva said...

Did you figure out what to do yet?

Dawn Elizableth said...

NO but my mom's going to babysit! I just have to figure out what to do!! I'm thinking The Poppyseed and ......?