Friday, April 11, 2008

Apron Top

I finished the apron top a few days ago but I couldn't get my youngest to try it on.  So I did the next best thing, forced asked my oldest to model it for me. The thing about 10 year olds is they are goofier than goofy. So it took a while to get her goofiness out of her before we got a decent picture. See how her hands are just aching to do something silly! She's definitely going to make boys cry with her sarcasm too!
This pattern definitely works for both children which is great because there is a 7 year span between them. I'm very close to finishing the purple one for my oldest. The youngest is wearing top today but I'm going to make a few minor changes before I take a picture of her wearing it.
I also went and had my hair cut today. I have Harry Potter hair and while it looks cute on him, it just doesn't work for me. My hair stylist has been cutting my hair like I style it every day. Which hasn't worked out lately. It grows fast and has those awkward teenage moments when it doesn't look good. I told her that I wanted to work with the wave that I have. Fighting it only seems to make my hair throw a tantrum like a 2 year old wanting a cookie. It sticks out like it's flailing around. So we went for the messy/I just had sex hair. It seems to work for me. Sorry there's no picture of it because she used her curl stuff and it doesn't work as good as my curl stuff. So maybe never, will you see what Harry Potter's hair looks like on a woman!

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Anonymous said...

I like how those fabrics turned out. The top is sew cute. Maybe next time you should just come raid my fabric pile instead of me going thru it for you!