Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cute tree

Cute tree
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Is this the most adorable tree you've ever seen? We pass it almost everyday when we are out for our evening walk. My husband needs to lower his cholesterol and well I'm just lazy and could use the exercise.
I love how it just looks like it's saying "Look at me, don't I look beautiful?" Well we passed it today and it's loosing all those lovely blooms. So it's not that pretty right now. I wish I knew what it was. I really would like one!
We have been busy here. On Sunday we received a delivery of 10 cords of wood. It's cheaper to buy it now for the winter. So we stacked a pallets worth and then went to work on the 2nd one. It's easier to stack long pallets than short square pallets. We gave up and are looking for more pallets. We haven't given up on the pallet just taking a break to figure out how to stack it the best.
This week has turned cold and of course my garden is growing! I had to tarp the beds, the last 2 nights because of frost. This morning when I went to take the tarps off, the chicken water was frozen. Glad I took the extra measures and protect the beds. Of course the end of the week will be much warmer. Not summer here yet but spring weather. So much to do. Whew!

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