Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Will There Ever Be Privacy Again?

I took my oldest to Girl Scouts this evening and left the youngest with my husband.  No nap, I wanted to avoid any tantrums and I thought she would be in bed when we came back.  Not true.
On the way home, I realized I have to go to the bathroom!  I don't know what it is about cars but I never have the urge until I am away from every possible bathroom stop and have to complete my trip or explode.  I casually mention this to my daughter who has been talking about the upcoming event in Girl Scouts.  After a few minutes she tells me now she has to go to and could I please hurry up she's not going to make it!  I frantically ask her if she wants me to pull over!  I know we paid extra for having the seats sprayed with something to make them resist stains and if the stain doesn't come out they'll replace the seat.  I don't know if children having accidents on the seat, when I could pull over to the side of the road is covered or not under the contract.  She gets all embarrassed and tells me no she can hold it.  We were on a busy road way so that's enough to scary any kid into not having to go.
We get home and run to our already staked out bathrooms, mine of course is downstairs away from the youngest.  I drop everything and head off.  Quickly followed by a small voice calling mom, mom.  Great she's up!  I barely sit down and she's there.  MOM, you're home, you're going potty, mom I'm in my PJ's, mom, I'm going to climb into the tub (I don't know why but she wants to), mom here's toilet paper for you, mom I'm hungary, mom, mom.  You see where this is headed right?!  So I couldn't pee fast enough for her and refuse the toilet paper and if she wasn't so darn cute, I would have yelled.  Leave me alone to PEE In Peace!  Needless to say, that time away made her extra clingy.  Next time I'm bringing a tired child to GS.  Then she can say a million things to the girls and I can use the bathroom in peace!

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