Saturday, January 19, 2008

Let It Snow!

It is finally snowing, with gusto here. Of course we have to drive in the snow tomorrow to attend a birthday party an hour and a half away. In good weather, it maybe longer since we are getting weather advisories.
I am working on a scarf for my other brother like this one. I made for my brother who lives in NYC. He really seemed to like it and if he didn't he shouldn't have gone on and on like he did. So he's getting a green one. I think if I make the matching hat, it will have to be with out the arms, he's a little too serious for that kind of hat. The matching hat is a sweater hat that was in Knitter's Magazine Winter 2000 Issue # 61. The magazine issue is out of print of course! I have enough sweater hats lying around, I'll just have to pick one out. I did make an funky striped version for my daughter, who now says it's too itchy. I do line the hats with fleece because my family doesn't seem to be able to handle the yarn. The yarn is Wool East by Lion Brand. So I can understand their complaints. Not top of the line but I'm not good in figuring out compatible yarns that are nicer.
I went to a local yarn store (without children) and it was just my luck that the woman who owns the shop had off that day. I had a very nice woman who knew nothing about yarn. I ended up buying twice what I needed. I haven't been back. It's hard to go without children, they are constantly wanting to be with me. Seriously, they make me want to drink yell cry but they still want to be with me!

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