Saturday, January 26, 2008

Leaving... My House!! Wooo Hooo

For those who don't know me, I never go anywhere.  I'm not antisocial, or ahh afraid of leaving the house but I can think of a gazillion reasons not to do it.  Having 2 children means I'm the last person to get anything new.  (Also they are eating me out of house and home!)  So what's the point of torturing myself at a clothing store.  Even my husband gets new clothes each year.  He's a teacher and well he teaches art.  Which means his clothes get dirty all the time.  Plus he has high school students and they critique what he wears.  So he has to look somewhat fashionable.  (rolls eyes)  Please... he couldn't dress himself to save his life.  So guess who gets to pick out his clothes.  I guess I should be happy at least someone is getting new cool clothes.  
Funny story...  One day he was teaching ceramics and he went to shake up a jar of glaze and one of his students didn't put the glaze top back on properly, so when he went to shake up a color to use it splashed all over his shirt.  That was priceless!  He's not a prepared man, so he had to walk around with glaze all over himself.  LOL!  I still get a good laugh when I think about it.  Those glaze containers aren't small either.   
I've had this long kimono shirt I bought a few years ago.  It's cool and artsy and I really like it.  Problem is I couldn't figure out what pants went with it.  I didn't have the right colored jeans and only green khakis.  They didn't go either.  So my mission is to find jeans or pants that work!  I'm wearing it on our business trip in February so I need something!  
Also does anyone else have zipper problems on jeans or pants of a certain age?  I've bought 2nd hand jeans and within the first month the zipper will not stay up!  The jeans look new but the darn zipper thinks it's job is to show off my underwear!  So another reason why I need new pants.  Nothing says please buy something from the studio, when your zipper won't stay up.  I may get more offers than for what is in the booth.  

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