Monday, January 14, 2008

Movies, Movies, Movies

Since the new camera is not here and I can't take pictures, I thought I'd tell you about the movies I received for Christmas. My husband and I never go to the movies. It's hard to find a good babysitter and then to pay for the movies, it can end up being $50-75 by the end of the night. That's not even having dinner. I'd rather buy 5-10 movies and enjoying them at home.
The funniest out of the bunch is probably Super Bad and the most inappropriate. This is a perverse inappropriate movie but super funny. My husband was lent this movie by one of his students and we both didn't know how off the humor would be. He gave it back to the student and couldn't even talk about it because it's not the thing you talk about with your students. I wouldn't let my mother borrow this movie even though she has a good sense of humor. I think she would be in shocked, it's that sick. But sick in a good funny way. It goes over American Pie in the pervert department. If you don't like those type of movies don't watch.
The next funniest was Knocked Up, it was funny in a different way. It wasn't off the wall like Super Bad and it did have good moments. Moments where you can say to yourself, "I know how that person feels". It does have a scene that I really could have done without seeing. So when you get to the delivery, start diverting your eyes. If you're squeamish or just not sure if you ever want kids, don't look!
Still going with the funny movies, Blades of Glory. I haven't seen a Will Ferrell movie I didn't like. He is so freaking funny and with Jon Heder from Napoleon Dynamite, it's another great movie. I don't know if those guys can't skate but some of the moves are unbelievable. I know they had help with trick photography and all that but wow! I can't skate, so even if they laced up their skates and stood there without falling I would have been impressed.
The Ex with Zach Braff is next on the list of funny things. I really like how this was done and I can see why it didn't do well in the theaters. It couldn't have ended any other way than it did. It was funny and had a lot of real scenes that people could relate to. Especially when Amanda Peet is taking care of the baby. I don't know any mom who hasn't felt like she did.
Catch & Release, I know this had really bad reviews but I liked it. You can't do movies that are number 1 all the time but I didn't think this was totally terrible. It was a good story line and I know some people didn't like how Kevin Smith's character was portrayed. To those people who didn't like his character, What else could they have done to go from point A to B? I think if you went to off with it, it wouldn't have made sense. It's also nice to see Jennifer Garner doing movies after Alias.
This movie threw me for a loop, it wasn't at all what I expected but I still like it. Marie Antoinette was set with a pop music for the soundtrack. The sets and props were amazing, and the detail to the details awesome. The scenes when the two went bed were weren't portrayed that well. My husband had to go online to find out that Marie and her husband just didn't know what they were doing! Which was funnier after hearing what they thought was involved in making a baby! I'm glad it ended where it did, it would have been a real downer for such a well done movie. This movie isn't for everyone but if you like period set movies this is for you.
The last movie is The Pursuit of Happyness and I had a really hard time watching this movie. I had to keep telling myself it has a happy ending. The scenes with the mother and deciding to leave her son with his dad was really hard for me. My children drive me crazy but I don't want to move away from them. Then all the scenes when they had no place to stay really hit me hard. I know there are people in those situations and it is hard to watch the watered down version of it. I can't imagine living like that and I know people do but it just doesn't seem right. This was a good movie and had great acting.
I may have a camera by the end of today. So I can show what I've been working on and what will be making this year.
I enjoyed the movies we received for Christmas. I know I'm not a great movie reviewer but if you are looking for something to watch and have tastes like mine you should enjoy these movies.

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