Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Things Bought and Finished

So here's what I bought from Joann's at their Christmas sale.Lots of poinsettia garland's, holly and ribbons for Fairies. Mostly skirt and wing material but you never know what I will come up with. Even I don't know and sometimes I surprise myself.
Next things I've worked on and I have pictures of, that will give you an idea. Not happy with the pictures but it's a borrowed camera.
First the fairies, which had been hanging around half finished. Spring and fall and only 1 1/2 inches tall. I love to recycle anything and everything. These little cakes have bottle caps in the bottom of them. I haven't measured them but they are small. Then to top them off tiny little birthday candles. They are made from steel pins and shrinky dinks. I will be posting the cakes with candles in my Etsy shop. When the camera gets here. I don't like the details I'm getting.
I received my Free People catalog in the mail and really like the back of this. I do not like what they did with the front.
I don't even mind the stripes. What bothers me visually is the elastic on the bottom. It ruins the shirt for me. I may try to make my own version of this. The rose is like the glasgow rose which I really like. Which is one of the few Arts & Crafts things I do like. So if it has a rose like that on it, I have to have it! I do love these variations of the rose.

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